Hi there! We are Connie Jacobs and Carl Francis – two nature loving, DIY doing, eco thinking, money saving young adults from Melbourn, Cambridgeshire… and this is our blog! We really hope you enjoy reading!


First, we will tell you a little more about ourselves. We are both vegans and we love our earth. Connie loves animals and plants and insects and anything that is linked to nature. She’s a big nature enthusiast. Connie is an avid photographer and loves to document landscapes and idyllic scenery. Her favourite places are forests and rolling moors. She’s also super into making her own produce and trying to live sugar free. Connie likes to grow her own fruit and vegetables and gets such a thrill when she makes something that is 100% homemade! She also loves vintage clothing and charity shop hunting. Finding a really nice piece of clothing for a bargain price is such a great feeling!


Carl is a money saver and a DIY enthusiast. He comes from a family of carpenters so he loves woodwork and has a very intense curiosity for how things are made (we have bought a few things that Carl has begged to take apart, just so he can see how they are made and put them back together). Building his own eco home has been a very important goal for Carl. He is really inspired by television programmes such as Grand Designs and has been planning and researching for years. Carl also is really into his fitness. He likes to exercise by running, swimming, cycling and going to the gym. He is also really into eating a healthy diet.     


We are a couple who are just incredibly passionate about our earth and who enthuse to protect and preserve it. We met at university where we both studied environmental issues and we are currently working on building our own eco home (slowly but surely). It has been a dream of ours for many years and we are both excited and nervous that it is finally starting to become a reality.


Both of us struggled at university with money. We got into some tricky situations. We know how important it is to watch your wallet so we have been scouring the internet trying to research the most cost effective, eco friendly ways of doing this and this blog documents our findings to share with the world because we want YOU to do exactly the same!! What could be more important than trying to protect the world we live in? That’s right – NOTHING!


Our little site mascot, Wooly, is a digital version of our real-life pet sheep! Wooly came with the land we bought where we are building our home. Let us tell you – sheep are the new dogs!


If you’re planning your own eco home, we hope you find some helpful tips on our site and we’d totally love for you to get in touch with us if you have any suggestions. We really hope you enjoy looking through the documented journey of building our own eco home!