Healthy eating for the hectic lifestyle

If you’re like most other people in the world and you don’t have the time to stop for regular meals there are loads of forums and online groups that can offer quick, healthy eating solutions to help you along. Your diet, and being able to include all of your necessary foods, is all about planning.


This concept usually means you will have to take some food from home with you where you go. Food that you can consume on the go needs to be non perishable, transportable and easy to eat without getting your hands mucky and with minimal risk of spillage. It also needs to be low GI (in less fancy terms, food that digests slowly and leaves you feeling full after eating so you don’t snack and crave the sugar in biscuits and cakes). The last important rule is that your food choice needs to be packed with all the vitamins and nutrients you need in order to keep up your hectic life style. How can I do it I hear you cry!


I’d recommend Flahavan’s Quick Oats Original Porridge (Sainsbury’s), which comes in a 44g pot to which you just add hot milk (you can buy this in a coffee shop). It is filling, low GI and, if you use skimmed milk, has only 247 calories. A pot of Rumblers Special Flakes (Boots) comes with a spoon and the milk in a clever separate container. One pot contains 165 calories and is easily turned into a more substantial meal if you also carry a banana and eat this at the same time. Both give you B vitamins, which are important for people with stressful lives.


Lunchtime suggestions include stashing little cans of John West WeightWatchers Tuna in Mayonnaise with Sweetcorn in your bag, glove compartment or desk drawer. They come in packs of three with little ring-pull tops. Eat one or two with pitta bread, easily transportable when wrapped in foil, for a satisfying lunch of fewer than 300 calories. Or you could just carry a piece of cheese wrapped in foil to eat with the pitta. Carrot and celery sticks tend to travel well to eat with these options.


Carry pieces of fruit, such as apples and pears, for snacking between meals. Dried fruit is also useful. So, too, are 150g pots of Ambrosia rice pudding and custard, though you need a plastic spoon to hand to eat these. All are digested slowly, giving a steady release of energy. While the fruits give you vitamins, super nutrients and soluble fibre, the rice pudding is great for bone-building calcium.

This is so tricky, who wants to be standing around on a weekend meal prepping, right? However this is so useful if you find yourself fatigued or feeling run down with your body just crying out for the right nutrients. Once you start this it’s really easy to fall into the routine and eventually it won’t feel like an inconvenience. Most of us don’t get the daily intake of fruit, veg and minerals and it’s absolutely key to us being healthy now and later on in life. Have any good healthy eating tips? Please get in touch! Thank you!

– Connie