Make The Green Choice By Staying at Home And Enjoy These Activities With Friends

Planning to go out with friends this weekend? Why not invite them over instead and stay that little bit greener? Recent studies have shown the impact which going out each weekend can have on the environment, especially when you take into account the transport for each person, the waste which they create, the plastic which they use and the energy which will be used. Staying in on the other hand can give you a great night with your friends and here is how you can spend your environmentally-friendly evening. 


Hit The Casino 


A night out at the casino is a really cool way to spend your time, you can get glammed up and try your luck at a number of fun casino games which could win you some money. Instead of going to the casino however, you can create it in your own home. A poker game is easy to set up, so too is a blackjack game, if you want even more interaction then you can head to where you’ll find loads of casino games that you and the group can enjoy. 


Tasting Night


A tasting night is a really enjoyable way to spend an evening and it can be a lot of fun too. The choice is yours as to what foods or drinks you plan to taste, just ensure that you have done some research beforehand about what you should pair with what. Set this up around a single table and give the guests a pen and paper to write down their tasting  notes. Once the tasting is completed, compare notes for a hilarious insight into how people’s minds and tastebuds work. 


Cookery Challenge 


A cool idea which we have done in the past is to ask each guest to bring a different course, and then each will anonymously mark the dish out of ten. Normally we will provide the main course as it requires more effort and cooking, but we’ll ask our guests to bring the starter and the dessert, as well as someone on hand to provide the right drinks during the meal. This is a super fun way of having a night and trying out each other’s cooking, it also takes a little pressure off the host! 


Board Games


Even in this world of on-demand television and awesome video games, board games are still a great way to entertain yourselves. Board games like Monopoly and Cluedo are designed for big groups so no matter if you have 4 people or 10, everyone can get involved. Make sure that you are all set up before the guests arrive, nobody wants to sit waiting whilst you count out the monopoly money or check on the rules of Cluedo. If you have a really big group then split them into two tables, with a board game on each. 


Instead of a night out, stay green and keep it in the house.