Take a break from the DIY – but stay on a budget.

Renovation a home can be stressful. It’s a good ideas to take a few short breaks. But, these breaks can be very expensive. I have put together a few handy money saving tips for you that will help you to enjoy yourself – even on a budget.


Pay on card

Even though the term “cash card” sets an alarm bell of in my head this is so sensible for when you’re on holiday. Get a Monzo or Revolut card, which in many circumstances will let you take out cash and spend abroad minus the heavy fees and commission. There are also apps you can download that let you track your spending. It’s fantastic! There are also credit cards like the Nationwide select and Halifax credit card that are free to use abroad.  

Pack a shopping bag

This is a great tip: fly out with just a carry on bag but pack a foldable big bag inside to fit souvenirs and things you have picked up on your trip. This way – you’re only paying for checked luggage on your way back home!

Strap on your ski helmet

Most airlines charge extra for checking in your ski kit. For skis, there’s no way round this, but you can squeeze your boot bag into a checked case, then clip your helmet to your carry-on. Swiss Air will check in your first set of ski equipment free.

Hide a bag in a baby seat

Airlines let you check in a baby car seat free of charge. Without a child in it, there’s space for a small bag. Zip up the cover and the airline will be none the wiser.

Get hire-car insurance

You could take the risk, but… Before you travel, buy a zero-excess policy — so you won’t pay anything if you damage the car — from a website such as Insurance4carhire.com or Moneymaxim.co.uk. It’ll cost as little as £2 a day. At the airport desk, they’ll try to persuade you to pay up to 10 times that. They may insist you’re not covered. Hold your nerve: you are.

Don’t bother with breakfast

For hotel stays on city breaks, choose the room-only rate. Breakfast will be cheaper, and often better, at a cafe down the road, and you can lie in as late as you like.

Bring a bottle

You can take an empty water bottle through airport security. Drinking-water taps aren’t always easy to find, but think of the money you’ll save by not buying a fresh bottle from Boots. It’s better for the environment, too.

Pass on the city pass

Sightseeing discount cards often aren’t worth it. Some big attractions might not be included, and are you really going to visit all those museums in 48 hours?

Pack a picnic

It’s all too easy for the last meal of your holiday to end up being a limp £8 cheeseburger in the departure lounge. Buy a continental picnic before you leave for the airport.

And finally

We’ll say it again: do not change money at the airport. The rates are appalling. Instead, try brokers such as Ace-fx.com and Thomasexchangeglobal.co.uk.

These have proven invaluable to us when we have gone on holiday! Do you have any tips that you could share with us? Get in touch! I hope these were useful for you!


– Connie