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Do you love the planet? Are you on the constant lookout for greener ways to live, healthy ways to eat and effective ways to keep fit? The coolest DIY tips and the easiest way to save money? Then get in touch! We’re always looking for people to help us in our journey!


There are a few things you should know before you get in touch though:


Submit a guest post to the ultimate eco friendly blog

If you’ve got a cool new recipe for a healthy meal or a really neat DIY tip that you think the Treehuggers community would be interested in, and  you’re just dying to share it, we’d really love to hear from you. We are really open to guest posts from other like minded writers who are looking to share their experiences!  


Contribute to our eco friendly blog

Maybe you are a keen bird enthusiast and know exactly the way to encourage more birds into your garden? Perhaps you have a really easy and eco friendly way to generate power in your home? Maybe you are currently on a great, healthy diet and you want to share your experiences? All you have to do to get in touch is visit our contact page, it’s super easy, and we will aim to get back to you as quickly as we possible can!


Guest Post Guidelines

We do have a few house rules (yes, they are boring, but if you want to post you’re going to have to read them!)

We can’t accept semi automated pitches. If you’re going to send us an email starting “dear Webmaster” and it’s obvious that it’s a copy and paste pitch, we’re just not interested!! It suggests that you will just be doing the same things with your writing, and that’s not cool!

Please don’t send us articles! Just send us an initial email with a bit of information about you and what you’re dying to share! It saves both of us the time and energy if there’s no chemistry there.


We’re not oblivious to SEO led pitches. Frankly, if someone writes something amazing for our audience and they want to link to an editorially relevant resource, we’re absolutely fine with that. But we won’t run spammy links to irrelevant websites or pages. It’s all about the editorial first.


We expect all of our guest authors to produce unique content specifically written for Treehuggers. Please don’t publish your content anywhere else!


We find that the Treehuggers community responds well to listicle style content and easily readable tips and advice. As such, it’s definitely the type of . It should be on the topic of money saving, money making or simply making your money go that little bit further


We will not link out to adult sites, gaming sites or payday loans websites under any circumstances. Our site is family friendly and, frankly, that ain’t our style.

If all this sounds fine and you’d still love to write for us, then drop us an email on the address in the footer below and let’s have a chat about the kind of post you have in mind! Thanks so much!